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Vaping is the act of inhaling vapour or a thin mist created by boiling an active ingredient which can be an herb or an especially made liquid. Vaping has become a popular pastime in the recent times due to the availability of vaping devices in the market.
This has advanced so much in the world that now you can easily buy any kind of the available vaporizers in the market using a web store. These web stores make it easier for people who are using to this pastime to get all the accessories and devices they need to have. Vaping is has found its popularity mainly because it does not contain five of the major negative qualities one can find in smoking.

Health Risk
If you smoke a cigarette the tar and other toxins such as nicotine enter your lungs and make you ill. You can even become a cancer patient due to these toxins. All this happens because the active ingredient, which is tobacco, is burnt and the smoke is inhaled. With vaping the ingredients are never burnt. They are just boiled to create vapour. This vapour only contains the taste of the ingredient and nothing more. Therefore, there is no health risk in vaping as far as any research can say.

Bad Smellhookah-falvour
Have you ever been close to someone who smokes? Even if you have not you will learn to identify smokers because of the awful smell which comes from them. This makes it hard for a smoker to present themselves to non smokers at a social gathering without being judged. Vaping, however, does not make you smell bad. Vaping does not make it awkward for you to get to know other people.

High Cost
When you are shopping for vaping products at a vape shop even if you buy accessories your expenses for the whole habit is going to be less than the amount you have to bear for an equal period of smoking. All the vaping devices can be used again and again.

Less Absorption of the Active Ingredient
Most parts of the active ingredient are burnt in smoking. However, in vaping, you get to absorb most part of the ingredient as it is only boiled and not burnt.

Bans Associated with the Act
Smoking is prohibited by law in public places. However, vaping is not banned by law in any place.
If you are vaping you will not have to face any of these negative qualities of smoking. Vaping is not harmful to anyone. It just brings pleasure.